Have you been waiting to get into a new car but don’t feel comfortable with that new auto payment? You don’t have to stretch yourself thin when you shop used cars for sale. There are five major benefits to buying a pre-owned car that make now a great time to buy.

1. More Affordable

You can see major savings by buying your favorite make and model with extra miles on the odometer. It’s not just a cheaper investment, but if you are interested in financing, then it allows you to get a more comfortable monthly payment.

2. Cheaper Added Costs

Car insurance and registration costs are based on your total investment. So, by buying a more affordable vehicle, you’ll benefit from cheaper added costs too.

3. Less Depreciation

You see the biggest chunk of a car’s depreciation within the first year of ownership. It takes a big hit the second you drive it off the lot. By buying a pre-owned option, you’re avoiding that depreciation, which has already accrued with the vehicle’s first owner.

4. Less Compromise

When you have a limited budget, you also have limited selection of vehicles. However, when you buy pre-owned, your options are limitless. There are many used vehicles with an affordable price tag, allowing you to find the one with the features you love most.

5. Certified Pre-Owned Options

Still concerned about buying pre-owned? You don’t have to worry with a certified pre-owned option. These models go through a meticulous inspection to make sure they run like new. They also include added warranties to protect you when you leave the lot. Stop waiting and start shopping. Visit our Ford dealership near Oconomowoc, WI to find your perfect pre-owned vehicle today!