If you’re looking for Ford deals near Whitewater, then Griffin Ford Fort Atkinson probably has an offer for you. But to save on your next new Ford purchase, consider trading in your older model. Your Ford dealer provides a handy online tool to estimate the value of your current car. If you’re unsure if your vehicle qualifies for the excellent, good, fair, or poor categories, then learn more about the guidelines.

What’s the condition of your trade-in model?

Regardless if you use Kelley Blue Book or another online estimator, all places require some basic information. But, how is the condition of your vehicle determined?

Excellent condition. Unless your car is almost new, it’s hard to qualify for this category. Models must have a spotless interior and exterior. You’ll have to provide proof of regular maintenance and certify that it had no bodywork or repairs completed.

Good condition. Many vehicles fall into this grouping. It must have none or very minor dings, interior issues, or rust. Your tires also need a good amount of tire tread remaining to be considered in good condition.

Fair condition. If your car needs some minor repairs, has worn tires, or noticeable dings or rust, then it falls into the fair category. As long as it’s repairable, then you’ll get an estimate for fair condition.

Poor condition. Models that need major repairs, bodywork, or have significant issues fall into the poor category. These cars often need work done that costs much more than the value of the vehicle.

Talk to your Ford dealer near Whitewater

Discover the value of your car by stopping into Griffin Ford Fort Atkinson. Our team will assess your model and give you a fair market trade-in price. Plus, our onsite finance team helps you locate Ford deals near Whitewater, so you get the best price on a new model.