Our team at Griffin Ford Fort Atkinson near Whitewater knows that owners of the Ford F-250 like to keep their trucks for a long time. With regular maintenance and the use of Ford parts, you can get full use out of your pickup year after year. But what happens if you hear a funky noise or miss a scheduled appointment? Learn more about service and parts for your Ford truck.

Regular maintenance for your Ford F-250

Our team recommends that you refer to your owner’s manual for suggested service guidelines. You can schedule routine maintenance using our online tool or by stopping by our dealership. Along with changing your oil, our team also replaces essential filters like your AC, engine, fuel, and cabin air filters.

Unexpected repairs

However, if your Ford F-250 makes an odd sound or doesn’t perform as expected, then you should bring your trunk in for an inspection. Your vehicle uses a combination of Ford parts, and over time these parts wear out. For example, the fan belt that keeps your power steering functioning will make a squeaking sound when it’s about to break. But, a quick inspection can catch it and replace it with a Ford part before that happens.

Or if you hear a squeaking noise when you brake, then your brakes may be wearing out. We can inspect and replace worn parts before the issue affects other systems, like your alignment. If you ignore an odd noise or two, then you may end up paying much more in the long run.

Schedule an appointment with Griffin Ford Fort Atkinson

If you need routine maintenance or suspect a problem, then contact Griffin Ford Fort Atkinson. Our team is factory-trained on all Ford F-250 models, so we know what to look for and how to fix it. You can also find a wide range of Ford parts near Whitewater on our website or by stopping by our dealership.