Wisconsin winters can be rough, so our dealers at Griffin Ford Fort Atkinson near Whitewater, WI want to remind you that now is the time to make sure your Ford F-150 is adequately equipped for the fast-approaching cold season. Here are the most common parts of your vehicle to monitor once winter arrives.

1. Tires

If you’re not switching to winter tires, at least ensure that your all-season tires are in great shape. This means ensuring that your tires have plenty of remaining tread and no signs of wear or damage.

2. Antifreeze

Your truck’s coolant system is vital to keep the engine components cool and prevent liquids from freezing in sub-zero temperatures. Our Griffin Ford Fort Atkinson service center can perform a full coolant system service for your vehicle.

3. Battery

Winter conditions are especially tough on car batteries, so make sure yours still has plenty of life left, or replace it if it’s time for a new one.

4. Windshield Wipers

Keep your washer fluid reservoir topped off and check that your wiper blades are free from damage. Also, remember that cold weather can cause glass chips to turn into actual cracks, so have your windshield touched up or replaced if there’s already light damage.

5. Emergency Kit

It’s always good to be prepared, especially if you’ll be making a long drive this winter. Stow essentials like jumper cables, reflectors, an ice scraper, blankets, non-perishable snacks, bottled water, and a first-aid kit in your trunk or cargo area for added peace of mind.

Winter weather shouldn’t derail your commute or long-distance driving plans, but it does take a little extra prep. For more tips like these or to have your vehicle properly serviced and prepared for winter weather, contact Griffin Ford Fort Atkinson today. Our trained technicians are ready to service your Ford F-150 with Ford parts and all the latest tools and techniques. Contact us for an appointment or stop by today.