Car engines run hot, very hot. Because your vehicle is powered by a series of tiny explosions, heat is an unavoidable characteristic of your engine. That said, there is a point where excessive heat can cause some significant mechanical issues inside your vehicle. Here at Griffin Ford Fort Aktinson, we don’t take the dangers of an overheated engine lightly, so we want to give you all the tools you need to prevent your vehicle’s engine from overheating.

While your engine may run at what can seem like extreme temperatures, a well-functioning engine is designed to stave off some of this excess heat. This aspect of engine function is made possible by your engine’s cooling system. Your cooling system features a wide array of components that work together to contain your engine’s temperature, but when one of the parts in your cooling system malfunctions, your engine can potentially overheat.

If you notice the temperature gauge in your dashboard climbing towards the hotter end of the spectrum, turn off your engine as soon as possible. Once your engine has cooled down, which could take up to 30 minutes, top it off with some coolant. If you notice steam coming out of your engine, we recommend calling roadside assistance immediately so they can tend to your vehicle. Sometimes, an overheated engine can be caused by a more serious issue, one that may require the help of a service representative.

While Griffin Ford Atkinson is known for having some of the best Ford dealers near Whitewater, WI, we’re also recognized for providing excellent maintenance services. Our service team can check your cooling system from top to bottom to ensure that your engine is in tip-top shape before you leave.