Some drivers might be unaware of the common road hazards they could face on the road and the best ways to handle them. It’s crucial that you’re as prepared as possible when you’re behind the wheel of your 2019 Ford Focus so that you can stay safe on the roads and reduce the chance of damaging your vehicle. At Griffin Ford Fort Atkinson, we want to make sure that our customers have the tips and tricks that they need to tackle any road hazard.

Impact – Nobody wants to get into a fender bender, but accidents can happen when we least expect it. If another driver runs into your vehicle, you need to remain calm and make sure that you and your passengers are okay before anything else. If possible, pull over to the side of the road in a safe spot before getting out to check on the other vehicle.

Skidding – Depending on road conditions, you could come across wet roads, a wintry ice slick, or sandy terrain. Once upon a time, experts would advise that you drivers steer into the skid, however today we know its best that you let off of the gas and pick a focal point ahead that you can steer toward safely and slowly. Slamming on the brakes could make the situation even worse.

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